Group Classes

How can I join a group class?

To get started in one of our group classes, check the Class Schedule to identify which class you are interested in. From there feel free to call us at (240) 776­-4135 and we can answer any specific questions about the classes. You can also email us at for more information, or just come to class ready to have fun!


The first class is free for everyone! After that, clients may purchase a membership for the classes. All group classes are included in our personal training memberships.


All classes hosted at New Life Church are free classes as part of Trinity Fitness’s ministry to the local community.

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Why Choose Trinity Fitness Group Classes?

Build Stamina

Our workouts are specifically designed to help you build stamina which provides a base for a healthier lifestyle.

Improve Strength

Strengthening the muscles in your body does more than just make you look better.  Whether your goal is to lose body fat, move better or play better, improving your strength makes attaining that goal easier.

Burn Fat

Nearly everyone who starts a fitness program wants to burn fat.  Strength training and high intensity interval training are the two best exercise-related tools to achieve that burn. As a result, these two forms of exercise are the backbone of nearly all of our classes.

Caring Instructor

We know that joining a gym can be intimidating.  Rest assured, our instructors are here to guide you, answer questions, and make sure you have a safe and challenging workout.  We actively work within the group monitoring your performance, making corrections and providing encouragement.  

Friendly Group Atmosphere

We believe a gym should be a place of community and support so we cultivate a friendly atmosphere in our group classes. Come see what it feels like to work together to achieve the lifestyle you’re seeking.

Healthier Lifestyle

We believe a healthier lifestyle is possible! We want to help you get there. It starts with coming to your first group class and experiencing an environment that can help you change.

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