"I enrolled in the Eat Smart program and easily lost 25 pounds and was able to keep it off by adopting the new eating life style that I had learned in Eat Smart. I was even enjoying my lunches at work more than I had prior... While I was at the Trinity Fitness facility for Eat Smart, I learned about the flexible fitness programs that were available there. I spoke with Dave Scott and told him that I wanted to be fit enough by the following summer to accompany my son Chris to Washington State to climb Mount Rainier. Dave felt that four or five months of training could make me ready. In February, I started attending three group classes and one personal training session each week...[Plans changed and instead of Mount Rainier we ended up climbing Half Dome instead, successfully]. I remember thinking while I was on the trail about how thankful I was for all those “nasty” mountain climbers that Dave had me do and how appropriate they were for my preparation. They are very aptly named. Dave’s estimate that I would be ready for an experience like this turned out to be excellent. I recommend Trinity Fitness and Eat Smart for anyone who is serious about getting or staying fit."

Cary Hower

"In 2012, at 49 years old, I found myself overweight and out of shape, and turned to Trinity to help me create a new lifestyle. I found the tools I needed through the Eat Smart Program to overhaul my nutrition and was able to achieve my goal of losing 50 pounds by my 50th birthday. The Eat Smart Program also encouraged me to exercise. I had always had a sedentary office job, and purposeful exercise was never a part of my lifestyle, so it was truly a challenge to begin exercising. But once I got going, I realized I loved it and wanted to help others make the same positive lifestyle changes I had. In 2014 I became an Eat Smart Practitioner and was certified by the American Council on Exercise to be a personal fitness trainer. With the support of my husband and son, I left my job as office manager at a local private school to be on staff full time at Trinity. I have found the Trinity family of staff and clients to be a wonderful, caring community in which to work and work out."

Elaine Stroup

“I have been a member of Trinity Fitness for a year and a half now and I love it! When I started Trinity Fitness I had my diet under control and was pretty much clean eating already, so my goal at that point was "weight loss". A few months in I realized how "strong" I was getting and how this affected my life in every aspect- from grocery shopping and lifting cases of water into my cart to playing with my kids and keeping up with them to leaning over to clean my toilet. My energy level increased, my confidence, my endurance level - everything was improving. During classes I would hear talk of the Eat Smart program- to which I haven't completed yet but am hoping to one day when sports calm down. I realized from all the talk how much I didn't know about the food I was eating, portion sizes etc. All group classes are "work at your own pace" - everyone does the same exercise but you do it at a level in which you can do- so possibly I can lift 100 pounds and the girl in front of me can do 200 and that's no problem. I'm not the best writer however I have told anyone who will listen how much I love it there and how it has changed my life! They also have an excellent massage therapist to help you work out knots and kinks or just get a soothing massage- I have taken advantage of this service many times. All the trainers are professional, knowledgeable and supportive. Each work out is created for you as an individual and your needs, so if you have a bad knee, back, elbow etc, they will take this into consideration and create a work out just for you. My goal when I started was weight loss and now my new goal is one that I read somewhere and thought it was perfect "I always thought I just wanted to look good- until I realized what it FELT like to be strong". Trinity Fitness is like my second family- I can't speak enough to the warm inviting environment at Trinity! (and yes I have lost lots of weight, but I try and not focus on the "scale" but how I feel and the rest will all fall into place)

Joy Cornwell

‘To date, I have lost 30 pounds, and I am happy to say that I would not have been successful without the support of Eat Smart, Trinity Fitness, and all the wonderful staff who helped shepherd me through this life changing journey. Kate and Dave you guys are the best!!!’

Alice Revel

Trinity Fitness coordinates my training to help me improve my health. My initiative was, and still is, to strive for better flexibility & mobility and reduce needs for prescription meds. It is much better to do another TGU or KB swing than to increase cholesterol medicine. The family atmosphere of trainers helps to maximize my work out needs and helps provide not only a physical but a mental work out. I went through the Eat Smart program and found not only that it really works but it’s not just for weight loss. I am much healthier physically and mentally today than I was 5 years ago!

Malcolm Wagner

"Something more......Something better. I had only vague, ill­-defined goals when I came to Trinity Fitness at age 61 with a recent diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and a fist full of new and potent medications. I have never been one to go to the gym or participate in exercise classes. Although I did walk regularly for exercise and followed a reasonably healthy lifestyle, I knew I needed something more, something better than what I was doing alone to help me battle this new health challenge. That was a little over a year ago. What I found at Trinity Fitness, through participation in personal training sessions, circuit training, kettlebell and yoga classes, and the occasional “challenge” opportunities, wasn’t JUST something better.....it’s been nothing short of life changing!!! I am physically stronger than I ever thought possible, almost medication-­free and pain-­free, and (although this wasn’t my goal) two sizes smaller than when I began. And if that wasn’t already enough, even my lab results were dramatically better following my consistent regimen of strength training, yoga, and massage. My rheumatologist concluded our last visit with, “You may not need me any more....just keep up the exercise, diet and massage.” I am gradually being weaned from the last of the medications which feels like an enormous victory. But it is only one of many things that make me feel victorious. Everyday tasks are easier. My endurance is far greater. I take pleasure in running with my grandchildren. I feel transformed."

Linda Walgamott

"I was intimidated by the gym and Trinity Fitness helped me through that. Feeling strong afterward (after the workout) is an amazing thing!"

Melissa Salamy

I joined Eat Smart weighing 209 lbs with the idea of losing 5-10 lbs. After joining and following the steps, I lost 18 lbs (I didn't even realize I had that much weight to lose)! I learned several healthy recipes and substitutes such as quinoa, almond milk and sprouted bread for everyday items I was eating. This class is a perfect step into a lifestyle change and I would recommend it to everyone. This is not a new diet that lasts three months then you put the weight back on. This is a jump start into eating healthy so once the class is over you can continue to eat healthy and lose or maintain your weight loss effectively. It has been almost two years since I took the Eat Smart class. I am 40 years old and still weigh 189 lbs, and feel stronger and healthier than I did at 32 years old. Thank you Eat Smart and Trinity Fitness!

Bryan Deal

“For the last 7 years I could keep my A1C levels at a static level but not lower them. But this latest test, 7 months after I started the Eat Smart program, I dropped my A1C by one full point. My doctor told me to keep up whatever I was doing. He was very pleased. As a type 2 Diabetic I needed to Eat Smart and this program emphasized to me I can enjoy the food I love without missing out on a healthy lifestyle. I am living proof of the benefits of living healthier.”

Greg Wills

After learning of my only daughter’s engagement and upcoming wedding, I wanted (and needed) to lose 50 lbs. prior to her wedding in November, 2015. I’ve been overweight all my life. I have lost weight only to gain it back again through every weight loss program on the market. In October 2014, when Trinity Fitness opened Trinity Fitness for Her, I signed up. I attended just about every class they offered in the evenings. I just knew I would lose the weight through exercise. After 2 months of consistently working out, I managed to gain 4 lbs. to my utter dismay. During the exercise classes, I heard the instructors and other ladies talk about the Eat Smart program but thought to myself “I didn’t need to learn anything, my eating habits were good”!! When I gained the additional 4 lbs, I knew I had to do something, so I gave in and joined Eat Smart. The class was extremely informative and so very simple to follow. Learning “how” to eat was an eye-opener for me. I realized and learned that the eating principles combined with exercise were the keys to losing and keeping the weight off. The instructor, Jackie, was very informative and supportive. With the combination of the Eat Smart principles and the exercise, I lost 11 lbs. while attending Eat Smart and have since reached my goal of 50 lbs. I found that not only was I experiencing a physical transformation, but through the conversations, training and friendship shared by everyone in Eat Smart and Trinity Fitness for Her, I also felt a spiritual as well as an emotional transformation. The little things that would normally anger or upset me, seemed to disappear after swinging a kettlebell and working out. ! I felt a new and invigorating positive attitude thanks to the Eat Smart classes and the Trinity Fitness for Her classes. I cannot say enough about the instructors, the inspiration they have been and the positive role models. Because of their unwavering support, for the first time in my life I have set a goal and reached it! Not only have I lost weight and inches, I no longer suffer from debilitating migraine headaches. Prior to Eat Smart and Trinity Fitness for Her, I suffered from migraines that were so severe; they landed me in the hospital and would last for up to a week. Since January, I have not had a full blown migraine! My health has improved, my blood pressure is back to where it was when I was in my 20’s and I feel AWESOME! I have met my goal of 50 pounds well before the wedding date and could not have accomplished this without the instructors and support at Trinity Fitness for Her and Eat Smart! Even though I have reached my goal, I continue to practice the Eat Smart principles and continue to work out at Trinity Fitness for Her…. It is a way of life now, my way of life and I love it. Thank you!!

Lorrie Taylor

Trinity Fitness is a unique place where you won’t find rows of bikes or ellipticals or other machines. What you will find are wonderful trainers who really understand each person’s training needs and care about each individual. It’s like being part of a big family all focused on health and fitness for life. It’s amazing to look back at the progress I’ve made in just one year and the celebrations of my achievements along the way. Thank you Elaine for introducing Trinity into my life!

Sharan Marshall

I have been training with Dave Scott for some 15+ years. I have witnessed many innovative changes he and Kate (and the staff) have incorporated over the years at Trinity Fitness. As a small business owner, I am constantly impressed with how Trinity Fitness continues to meet the needs of an ever expanding variety of client needs. The one thing that doesn’t change at Trinity Fitness is “Change”. Fittingly, one of the plaques on the wall at Trinity Fitness reminds us that real Change requires Change. The staff at Trinity certainly works hard to help us embrace change in our eating habits and exercise programs to experience a healthier life. For me, the exercise programs are both challenging and interesting even after all these years. While the philosophy has always been functional personal training, the actual exercises continually evolve and many of the exercises I am doing today I wasn’t doing or couldn’t do years ago. I know that through the years of dedication and with the staff’s guidance I am stronger and healthier. I have grown to expect some “experimentation” after Dave attends a conference or has read a new book! Some of the new exercises are certainly creative and as Dave likes to say “effective”. All of this keeps the gym alive and interesting from week to week. There are so many things I could say about my experiences at Trinity Fitness, but I would be remiss if I did not include how I feel part of a community there. There was a period of time that I couldn’t come to the gym for health reasons and it has taken many years on a slow but steady climb to regain a fully functional lifestyle. The staff understood my challenges and worked around it; always encouraging me and reminding or “proving” to me that I had come a long way. Very recently, I was given a workout that seemed pretty easy compared to my usual program. I even commented during the workout that I felt like I was “getting off easy”. When it was over, Dave told me that this particular workout was one I had done 2 years ago. At that time, the same workout had been quite a challenge for me to get through. This was truly an effective way of opening my eyes to how far I have come with the help of the staff of Trinity Fitness. At Trinity Fitness, your personal trainer cares about you and your health. You will find a supportive environment that helps you achieve your goals while being attentive to any special aches, pains or health considerations. If you want a partnership that will help you work towards a healthier and more fit you, come to Trinity Fitness!

Joyce Cool

‘A few months ago I was invited to a friend’s wedding and I had this pretty little dress that I wanted to wear. The problem was it was a little too snug so I told Dave I had a goal to have this dress fit ‘nicely’ by May 30th. Dave has been very instrumental, encouraging and worked very hard with me to achieve this goal which I did with one week to go. I couldn’t have done this without all of Dave’s help driving me and encouraging me. I’m very thankful to have him on my side. Can’t wait to put that dress on Saturday, have fun and feel good.’

Karen Collins

‘I just wanted to let Dave know that I have met my ‘jean’ goal…I truly believe all of the exercises and my eating more healthy, knowing the Eat Smart principles, are beginning to pay off. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement even with my paining shoulder, elbow and knee. Again, I will tell you that your guidance in how to address these area, to help strengthen around them, along with Christian’s massage and direction, is working. I just have to continue trying to watch my form and to continue actively working on the sore areas. Thank you for all you and your Trinity partners do.’

Tina McClure

I've exercised on and off for many years and never felt like it did anything for me. Since working with Trinity Fitness, my body craves the exercise. I'm stronger and have more energy than I have ever had in my life

Carol Herskovitz

‘I have been taking classes at Trinity Fitness for Her since November and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. I was uncomfortable participating at first but I have been welcomed, accepted and encouraged by employees and members alike. I am 70 and worry about falling, about balance, my knees, strength in my legs and the list could go on. The programs have been designed to focus on all of these issues. My balance has greatly improved and I am stronger. Suddenly carrying heavy grocery bags is easier as well as walking across the parking lot. I’ve met wonderful women and truly look forward to going to the gym three to four times a week.’

Judy Blush

The online system was easy to use. Dave was always a quick phone call away and all of the hardwork was offset by the joy of improvement and progress. I would recommend Trinity Fitness to anyone!

Chris Desrosiers, Law Enforcement Officer

‘Training with Trinity Fitness has allowed me to stop using my chiropractor. The core strengthening keeps my back healthy and when I do tweak my back I recover faster.’

Fred Wilson

“I weighed in on my first day of the program at 268 lbs and after sticking with the training program for 6 months, I lost 43 lbs. and my current weight is 225 lbs. Today, I am in the best shape of my life, and have more energy at 36 years old than I ever have. I have played in a professional flag football league for the last 12 years and was considering giving up because I was always so tired and sore after a game or practice. Now I feel great!! All of my everyday aches and pains are gone and I have set a new goal weight of 200 lbs by the holidays. Thanks Trinity Fitness!!”

Daren Kennedy