Project Fitness

Don’t have time to go to a gym? Workout at home with Project Fitness workouts.

Minimal equipment and time needed.

Rest assured you have someone to turn to with all your questions.

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Short on time? Not sure what to do?

  • Multiple weekly workouts provided with video demonstrations.
  • Workouts are time-efficient with minimal equipment needed.
  • Monthly programs to help you progress and reach your goals.
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Looking for fitness guidance and advice?

  • Real-time access to experienced fitness professionals to answer all your questions.
  • Group support to help with your struggles and cheer on your successes.
  • Periodic fitness challenges to help keep you motivated and engaged.
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Bored with chicken and broccoli?

  • New recipes provided each week.
  • Nutrition advice and tips shared.
  • Monthly nutrition challenges.

 Just $27.97/month. No contract.

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