Personal Training

Why Choose Trinity Fitness Personal Training?

Personalized Programming

Your program is designed with your goals, strengths and weaknesses in mind.


Your training program will address mobility, strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning


There will be many components of your program that you can perform at home with minimal equipment.


Your program is routinely changed to keep you consistently improving and avoid boredom.


As a client of Trinity Fitness, you will often be on the floor with more than one trainer present. All of our trainers work together to make sure your workout is safe and effective.

Semi-Private Format

The small group training approach creates community and accountability while still addressing your specific needs. The group atmosphere encourages friendship and support.

How can I start personal training?

To begin personal training, a consultation is first required. During the consultation the trainer will go over client goals, past exercise history, medical conditions, medications, orthopedic conditions and discuss strategies for achievement of goals.


After the consultation and purchase of a membership, the client may begin personal training. Call us at (240) 776­-4135 or email us at to set up your consultation.