Eat Smart Program

A common sense, sustainable way of eating. Finally find peace with your food.

Proper nutrition is a key component to any healthy lifestyle. What you eat can have an enormous effect on your body composition and energy level. We created the Eat Smart Program in order to help our clients learn about proper nutrition and what works best for them. We want our clients to be free of any negative thought patterns and the concept that foods are either ‘bad’ or ‘good.’


The ebook format of the Eat Smart Program is called 10 Pounds 10 Inches 10 Weeks and helps our clients learn about food and address their relationship with food. It helps to analyze negative thoughts and turn them around.


Slowly over the course of 10 weeks the client will change his/her eating habits while applying new thinking principles. The client ends the program with a better understanding of healthy nutrition and what her ideal intake looks like. She will know how to eat in any situation and recognize when negative thoughts are stopping progress.


The book is available in PDF format. Also available are the Eat Smart Recipe Book and a free Holiday Eating Strategies Guide.

Experience Eat Smart!

The best way to explain the Eat Smart Program is through those who have experienced it. Read their stories below!

For the last 7 years I could keep my A1C levels at a static level (but not lower them). But my latest test, 7 months after I started the program, I dropped my A1C by one full point. My doctor told me to keep up whatever I was doing. He was very pleased. As a type 2 Diabetic I need to Eat Smart, this program emphasized to me I can enjoy the food I love without missing out on a healthy lifestyle. I am living proof of the benefits of living healthier.

Greg Wills

A year ago, about the time I turned 62, I had learned about the Eat Smart program that was led at Trinity Fitness in White Plains, Maryland. Several friends had told me about how it had helped them to trim some weight and gave them more energy. So I enrolled in the program and in the 16 weeks of the class I easily lost 25 pounds and was able to keep it off by adopting the new eating life style that I had learned in Eat Smart. I was even enjoying my lunches at work more than I had prior!

Cary Hower

The Eat Smart program changed my life. I had spent about two years exercising and eating what I thought were better choices and lost about 25 pounds. I learned about the Eat Smart program and decided to give it a try. During the first 12-week class i focused just on the habits and principles taught and lost 14 pounds. I decided to move onto the second 12-week class and lost an additional 12 pounds.

Shannon Lavender

What I have learned in Kate and Dave’s Eat Smart class has totally changed the way I stock my kitchen and the way I feed my family. It has changed the way I look at food as fuel and what I am willing to allow my body to be fueled with. It has changed the way my husband and children eat without me having to “nag” or “preach.” They SEE what I have learned and they have fallen right in step with the program. My teenage daughters

Betsy Keesler

The Eat Smart program is extremely organized, structured and doable with a daily accountability component. Both Kate and Dave Scott are experts in this field and provide the skills and knowledge that allow you to be successful. For me the key to the success of Eat Smart was changing my core eating habits. I was so focused on implementing a new habit every two weeks that I didn’t think about the changes occurring in my body...

Jackie Grabis-Bunker Ed.D

The Eat Smart program is unique. It’s not that i had a poor diet, it’s just that I was eating the wrong things at the wrong time. The support I received from the outlines on good nutrition by email, instructional meetings, workouts designed for me and accountability text messages sent to me daily resulted in me losing inches of fat all over my body. if you work the whole program, the program works. The accountability made a huge impression on me.

Shannon Gragg

After taking the Eat Smart class I was able to get a handle on the 5-6 pound swings in my weight that I experienced often. I have a lot more energy and my cravings are reduced… these were all huge pluses for me. The program works! All that I had to do was apply what I learned and that was easy because of all the accountability that comes free with the class!

Dona Batten

The Eat Smart program not only changed my dress size—it changed the way I eat from mindless to conscious “fat-burning,” knowledge-based nutrition without hunger, deprivation, cravings or extreme exercise programs. The program works. I lost 16 pounds by following the every 3-4 hours eating habit and choosing my own foods. There are no meal plans or shakes or vitamins or videos required. Just show up...

K. Showalter

On my 49th birthday, I promised my overweight, sluggish self that I would “get it together” before I hit 50. Eat Smart gave me the information and support I needed to do just that. After six months of working with Kate and Dave, I am over 35 pounds lighter, healthier, stronger and have more energy than I have ever had! I no longer need blood pressure medicine and my doctor is so pleased with my overall health...

E. Stroup

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